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Artist Talk and Screening at University of Los Andes (Colombia) and Pontifical Xaverian University (

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Spring break brought me the great opportunity to welcome both University of Los Andes (Colombia) and Pontifical Xaverian University (Colombia) invitations to talk and screen my work to faculty and students.

During my visit to University of Los Andes, I met with Associate Professor Ricardo Arias, Chair of the Department of Art, visual artist Santiago Forero and a group of faculty involved in the department's curriculum renewal process to exchange ideas regarding methods and approaches in art education. Also, as a result of the coordination of Academic Administrator, Santiago Ospina, I was able to screen and discuss my recent work to faculty and students interested in experimental narratives and essay film.

In addition, I visited Xaverian University, thanks to the kind invitation of the Dean of the College of Art, Professor Carlos Mery and Professor Mauricio Durán, Director of the Master in Audiovisual Creation with the support of Edward Martinez at the Xaverian Office of Institutional Promotion.

At Xaverian, I had an artist talk addressed to graduate students in the Audiovisual Creation Master, where I examined my creation process and screened my most recent work. To undergraduate students, I taught a cinematography workshop on Best Practices to Setting Exposure in Digital Cinema, thanks to the coordination of Professor Viviana Gómez Echeverry and Professor Camilio Cogua.

Thank you all for this productive and wonderful time in beautiful Bogotá.

Artist Talk + Screening University of Los Andes

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