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  • Alex Mendez Giner

Two Grants for The Donkey, the Dog and the Cat

Excited to share that our newest film project, The Donkey, the Dog and The Cat, spearheaded in collaboration with the talented Sandy Siquier, has received the support of two grants: the Faculty Creative Activities and Research Grant from Syracuse University and, the College of Visual and Performing Arts Research and Creative Grant.

The Donkey, the Dog and the Cat explores domestic violence through the lens of a mature couple's everyday life. The film aims to shed light on the different dimensions of this pervasive issue. From physical assault to psychological, social, and cultural abuse, the film explores various forms of intimate partner violence.

The Donkey, the Dog, and the Cat concludes a broader project on Domestic Family Violence initiated by Sandy Siquier. The film will spark critical conversations on matters of identity and power, challenging conventional assumptions.

The Donkey, the Dog and the Cat
The Donkey, the Dog and the Cat


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