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It Rains

Writer and Director: Alex Méndez Giner
Cast: Sandy Siquier, José A. Rojas, Vito Lonardo, Antonio Delli
Executive Producers: Luisa Flores, Beatriz Ravell
Production Director: Alfredo León
Cinematography: Raoul Held
Music and Sound: Roberto Tarzieris
Editing: Gabriel Castro/Alex Méndez Giner


Under a merciless rain, a man escapes from a relentless adversary. Exhausted, he will find shelter in a house lost in the mountains.

Director's Statement

After reading “The Floating Beacon” by John Howison, I found it difficult to escape its oppressive atmosphere. A short piece of classic Gothic literature, it is the dark tale of three convicts sentenced to live the rest of theirlives in a floating jail. Like other works of Gothic literature, the text was rich with details of the suffocating space and laden with an eerie general ambience but lacked either character depth or any exploration of human relationships. What fascinated me about the story was its premise of one being forced to interact for the remainder of his life with people he finds insufferable. This, then, became the starting point for Llueve (It Rains). For a year, I struggled to create a narrative that would allow me to develop the characters and their relationships, not in a floating jail but in a more familiar but still uncanny location: the Andes.

In the project’s research and development stage, I conducted several trips to the most remote towns in the Andes. I familiarized myself with the space and the people. After months of interaction, I started an exercise in transplanting Gothic ideas into this unlikely mountain setting, transforming its otherworldly spaces into a platform for cross-cultural exploration. From that exercise, and after two and a half years, I went into production of Llueve.

The film introduces three characters, two men and a woman, who share a fragile emotional equilibrium in the isolated house where they live. When a wounded man arrives looking for shelter from the merciless rain, the emotional triangle is thrown off-balance, creating an unbearable tension. With no dialogue, the film substitutes voices with the sounds of rain, at times a faint shower and at others, a tempest. The film is the product of camera and light: I used no digital intervention in post-production. To achieve the film’s velvety texture, I color- graded the film, painstakingly using a magnifying glass and gels, and finished it across various print stages (work print, internegative, interpositive), a “legacy” process that today has been replaced by computers.


  • 27th Uruguay International Film Festival. Uruguay 2009

  • 4th Sydney Latinamerican Film Festival. Australia 2009

  • Winner. Best Photography Award. CHORTS Caracas International Short Film Festival. Venezuela 2009

  • 30th Clermont-Ferrand Intl. Shortfilm Festival. France 2008

  • Vancouver Latinamerican Film Festival. Canada 2008

  • 4th Sapporo International Film Festival. Japan 2008

  • 23rd Guadalajara International Film Festival. Mexico 2008

  • 5th Syracuse International Film Festival. USA 2008

  • Marseille South American Festival. France 2008

  • Expresión en Corto International Film Festival. Mexico 2008

  • 3rd Festival Latinuy “Latino & Uruguayo” Program: Conexiones (Connections). Uruguay, 2011 

Other Events and Exhibitions:

  • University of California, Santa Cruz. Department of Film and  Digital Media. "This Is Not Hollywood" International Short Film  Screening. 2017

  • Beijing Museum of Visual Art. Exhibition "Intangible Expedition" 2017

  • Venezuelan Short Film Retrospective "Universo en Cortos" organized by the Venezuelan National Film School. 2016

  • National University of Laos, Vientiane. Artist Talk and Screening, 2016

  • University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg. Artist Talk and Screening. 2013

  • Vale TV  (Cultural TV Station)  Regional TV Broadcast. Venezuela 2011. Espacio Arte (Program)

  • EXPO Shangahai 2010 China. Venezuelan Pavilion.

  • 30th New Latin American Film Festival. Program Short Film Hour. Cuba 2008 

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