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Using fiction as a cover, I embark on a journey of personal discovery, where the immaterial is represented in carefully crafted images bringing the personal to the public domain. What animates my productions is the idea that film can be a dynamic space capable of generating long-lasting reflection in the audience, prompted by an emotional response to the images on the screen.


Cinema’s true nature is found in its visual rather than expository possibilities. In my films, I challenge the three-act structure following and intuit the core theme. This approach allows me to create works driven by symbols and allegories.

The weight carried by the image transforms the nature of the spoken word by altering, distorting, or elevating its value exposing its symbolic function.

My intent is to reveal the key significance of the film mostly on the visual level. I continually experiment with visual elements, trying to reconstruct and recreate a reality that remains formally true to nature but that, through contrast and juxtaposition, evoke an aura of intimacy and secrecy that allows for a moment of personal exploration and self-awareness.



An immigrant, descendant of immigrants. This is my lament. My attempt at understanding. Absurd historic recurrence.


The Book of Judith

A widow living on an isolated farm, has her life disrupted by a stranger. When the man lingers at the farm, Judith’s desire start to haunt her daily life.


It Rains

Under a merciless rain, a man escapes from a relentless adversary. Exhausted, he will find shelter in a house lost in the mountains.


Cervical Song

A hidden song in the sewers of an angry city.



Haunted by her memories, a seamstress comes to terms with her lonely condition.


Writer's Block

A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content.



A couple traveling in the middle of the night, get accidentally involved in a crime.



A bizarre misunderstanding arises when a woman and a man meet in a library hall.



Memories and tides are cruel; only leave scars behind.

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