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Writer and Director: Alex Méndez Giner
Cast: Sandy Siquier,
Production: Alex Méndez Giner
Cinematography: Alex Méndez Giner
Art Direction: Mei-Fang Hu
Music and Sound Design: Javier Weyler
Editing: Alex Méndez Giner


Haunted by her memories, a seamstress comes to terms with her lonely condition.

Director's Statement

Memories and absences. An early attempt at using the story as an excuse to explore complex ideas. In Seamstress, the story emerges from the character, resonating with Albert Camus's ideas from The Myth of Sisyphus: the human need to attribute meaning to life and the silence of the universe in response.


  • 50th Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival ZINEBI. Venezuelan Film Exhibition (Ciclo “Venezuela en Corto”)Spain, 2008

  • 3rd Caracas Short Film and Video Festival. Venezuela, 2002

  • Winner Best Sound. Caracas City Hall Short Films Festival  “David Suárez”. Venezuela, 2001

  • Cinemateca Naciona de Venezuela (Venezuelan National Cinematheque) Venezuela, 2001

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