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  • Alex Mendez Giner

Directing & Visual Storytelling Workshop at SERTV Panama

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a Directing & Visual Storytelling Workshop for the producers, directors, and cinematographers of Panama's Radio and TV State System (SERTV) thanks to the kind invitation of the General Director, Giselle González Villarrué. Giselle has a powerful vision for the future of the TV station and strongly believes in the multiple talents and abilities of her team.

During the workshop, we talked about the film director´s point of view, aesthetic vision, tools, and methods. Towards the end of the workshop, I had the opportunity to share my experience and research for my film The Book of Judith and discussed in detail aspects of the visual design, both technically and conceptually. I would like to thanks Catalina Sanmartin, Luis Panay, and Jorge Luis Sánchez for their support to make this event possible.

SERTV Alex Mendez Giner's  Directing & Storytelling Workshop
SERTV Alex Mendez Giner's Directing & Visual Storytelling Workshop


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