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  • Alex Mendez Giner

Displaced Official Selection at the 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium in Los Angeles

Great news! Displaced continues its exhibition tour now screening at the 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium (FVPS) in Los Angeles, CA. The event begins on November 12th and will conclude on January 2nd, 2021. The FVPS is hosted by the Film and Video Poetry Society and has the mission to encourage film and video poets to further their ongoing explorations by providing a platform for these artists to activate, collaborate, discuss, and maintain creative work developed through the convergence of these art forms.

As part of the initiative to preserve the in-person experience, FVPS will transform a parking area into an outdoor cinema and implement several public health and safety methods to protect the community.

Displaced will screen as part of the Week 3 event FORTUNE, FORTUNA, FORTUNAE, a selection of 3 important and critical films regarding the history of Spain, from Monday, December 14, 2020, to Saturday, December 19, 2020. More info here .



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