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  • Alex Mendez Giner

A New VR Project in the Making

Updated: Feb 18

In spite of the frigid temperatures and crazy weather changes, winter has been a productive season. I've been working on an exciting virtual reality (VR) experience on memory and loss in collaboration with the extraordinary artist Sandy Siquier as a co-creator, producer and actor and brilliant animation and computer artist Heath Hanlin as VR development director.

Students from the Syracuse University's Department of Film and Media Arts assisted in the development and production of this VR project, bringing their ideas, skills and talents together to make this production possible in record time. The experience combines footage shot on a green screen with 3D generated environments developed in Blender and Unreal Engine.

Sandy Siquier on VR project
Sandy Siquier on VR project

Last week we worked on the film shooting component, overcoming the massive data challenges posed by this kind of production. The project was shot with the Red Scarlet-W at a 50fps base, 6:1 redcode compression, using Schneider-Kreuznach optics.

I'll keep you all updated on the progress of this exciting new project.

VR project film shooting
VR project shooting



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