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  • Alex Mendez Giner

Writer's Block

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Three months and five countries made possible the detailed post-production and visual effects of my new short film "Writer's Block" (trailer here) with the talented Sandy Siquier in the leading role. José Luis Abrego was responsible for the outstanding editing job. The VFX were executed and finalized by Whiskey Films (Mexico) thanks to the support of Juan Bernardo González, Executive Producer. The VFX producer was Germán Sánchez with exceptional Matías Mastrogiano leading the VFX team. Color grading was made by the skillful Leo Zuloaga at Tinglado Studio (Ecuador). The superb music and sound design was composed and performed by Javier Weyler and Alejandro Lovera at Breaking Waves Agency (London). Finally, the printed art work was a creation of the extraordinary Croatian artist Neven Udovičić. Here the poster and trailer of the film, almost ready to be premiered.

Writer's Block Official Poster

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